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An Open Letter to Area Pools

It was a hot day. One of those days where just walking from the house to the car makes you question why in the world you chose to locate your family in the armpit of Satan. With sweat brewing on the brow and a thick haze of heat flowing into your lungs, you quickly think - - I'm either retreating inside our house for the foreseeable future, or, with the rest of humanity, I must get thee to a pool. 

Now, being in Memphis, this scene is something to expect in say... July. However, it was not in fact officially summer around these parts when I questioned my existence thanks to a heatwave. 

It was May. 

Early May. 

Fun fact - did you know that most area pools and splash pads open after Memorial Day? On that fateful mid-90's day, as I searched for a pool, desperate for relief and refuge, I realized that both our community center pool and the splash pad at the Children's Museum (our two "usual spots") were not to open for two more weeks. 

So, on behalf of moms across Memphis - moms desperate for a cool spot for the kids, for a little fun in the sun, I ask area pools this... 

Could we negotiate? Reconsider the policy? How about May 1st? I would even take May 15th. Help us out a little! 

Sincerely signed, 

A mom on the verge of a heat stroke.


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