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No Time 2 Cook? No Problem! Dinner Solutions for Busy Families
Today, families are busy. Whether it's a household with 1 child or 7, there're music lessons, sports practices, church activities, and the list goes on and on. Maybe you're part of a PTO or travel a lot for work. Whatever the reason, we know getting dinner on the table can sometimes take a lot of effort. And while there's a time and place for drive-thru food, a good, home-cooked meal can't be replaced. This is why the Memphis Mom Collective was estatic to discover No Time 2 Cook. Founded in nearby Oxford, MS, No Time 2 Cook provides frozen, made-from-scratch meals that brings dinnertime back to the table.

no Time 2 cook


Check out what our contributors had to say about experiencing the deliciousness of No Time 2 Cook:

No Time 2 Cook
CaraTonight, my family tried a frozen meal from No Time 2 Cook. It was a busy day, with lots of toddler activities, so I was thankful to pull the Cornbread Dressing with Chicken out of the freezer and pop it in the oven. My husband wasn’t at home, so it was a great night to have something I didn’t have to prep—nothing to chop, nothing to measure … most importantly, no decisions to make. And it’s nice to have something different for dinner. I’m sure many families are just like us in that we get in a dinner rut of the same meals over and over again. I paired it with roasted asparagus—also easy to prep and one of our favorites—and my youngest son gobbled it up. One of my favorite things about the meal was the size. It’s nice to have a dish that’s big enough for a family of four to have some, but then we don’t have tons of leftovers to eat for days. It was yummy, and I would definitely have it again.
SabrinaWednesdays I go into the office to work. I have 4 kids and am currently fostering 2, so it's hard to feed 7 mouths every night, especially when I'm extra tired. I was excited to try this meal, but extra excited because I handed the box to my tweens and said go make dinner! They were able to easily read the directions, set the table, pull it out before it burned (alleluia), and serve their siblings -- all while I finished up work and fed the baby. If these homemade meals help me cook one less night a week, I'll be adding this to my grocery list!
No Time 2 Cook

AliaCovid found my family a few weeks ago and, as you might expect, we were all walking around like zombies and nobody was able to put any effort into dinner. Enter No Time 2 Cook Chicken and Dumplings dinner. We only had to take it out of the box and pop it in the oven. The portions on the box didn't add up to the suggested serving size -- but we have a big family ranging from toddlers to teens, so maybe we just are used to eating more! Overall, it was a great option and rescued us during a terrible week!


RyanWhile I can hold my own in the kitchen, it's typically my wife that plans and cooks the meals in our house. Family meals are important to us and we sit down each night together. As our kids have gotten older and evening activities have started intruding on family dinner time, whoever is home still gathers together to eat. No Time 2 Cook was extremely helpful one evening when my wife was gone and I was in charge of dinner for 3 of our remaining kids. In fact, it was so easy to bake and serve, anyone can do it -- even a husband (me!).

No Time 2 Cook
Family dinners are important to us. We loved trying No Time 2 Cook and the black olives were a nice surprise! Our toddler did not enjoy this meal, but this is the same kid who also doesn’t like “yellow eggs” (aka scrambled eggs) so we did not take her feedback into consideration. We thought the meal was yummy!
KelaIntroducing lots of different food to my kids is important to us! We have a pre-schooler and a toddler, so we're in the phase of eating the same things all the time. No Time 2 Cook provided us a way of introducing something i normally wouldn't cook myself. It was easy to pop in the oven and have dinner ready when my husband got home. While we appreciated the easy meal (and easy clean up!), the kids didn't seem to like it much. BUT! They did try something new, and that's a win in my book!


no Time 2 cook
In addition to these three dishes, other ones sold include Poppyseed Chicken, Crab & Mushroom Penne, Chicken Pot Pie, Spinach Carolina, and more!

No Time 2 Cook can be found right here in Memphis in Walmart, many area Krogers, SuperLo, and even locally owned Curb Market. Always made with premium products, 100% all-natural chicken, real dairy, and never any preservatives, these frozen dinners are made from scratch! Woman-owned, No Time 2 Cook became the first USDA small casserole plant in Mississippi and one of few in the deep South. Check out their website for additional recipes, catering options and even how to ship anywhere in the United States!


You can find No Time 2 Cook on social media at:

Instagram @notime2cook Facebook Twitter @notime2cook

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