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Newly Published Picture Books Your Child Needs

I'm not sure about you, but even as a 42 year old, I LOVE picture books. I love the hard-back feel in my hands, how the words flow from page to page, and the engaging illustrations. Picture books are also perfect ways to introduce "big concepts" to little people. There are books on love, books on death, books on traveling, and books on friendship. You can find books with animals or people. There's fantasy and make-believe things. There's books educating kids on customs and cultures. The list can go on and on.

Recently the publishing company Hachette Book Group reached out about a bunch of brand new picture books coming on the market this year. Of course I was thrilled to receive a box of books in the mail. And I gotta say, I've passed on my love of new books to my kids. My 3rd and 4th grader immediately began flipping through the books and reading them to their younger sister. Needless to say, these books are staying on the top of our "night night" pile to be read again and again.


Looking for new books to add to your own home library? We highly recommend these newly published books:


Ari Arranges Everything by Katie Vernon (new this past February)

Look how colorful this book is!

A humorous and delightful picture book about a kid who just cannot stop arranging things. My kids particularly liked this one because they often have a tendency to grab things that are not toys and use them as toys. They make "home spas" out of chairs and lotions, arranged just right. They play "restaurant" with real place settings and my flower arrangements. Like Ari, they arrange their things "just so" until maybe it's not the best choice to do.


A Llama is Not an Alpaca: And Other Mistaken Animal Identities by Karen Jameson (new this past March)

Picture books are perfect for older siblings to read to younger ones!

The animal kingdom is full of creatures that look so similar, it’s hard to tell them apart. This humorously illustrated nonfiction picture book makes it easy, because after all, a llama is NOT an alpaca, nor is a clam an oyster, or a turtle and tortoise. I could go on and on, but I won't spoil it for you!


In the Palm of My Hand by Jennifer Raudenbush (new this past March)

A beautiful meditation on nature. The words are simple on each page, but the idea grows and grows on what we can go with what we are given. The illustrations are unique and while the book is colorful, it's "soft" in a way that I can't explain. I whispered this entire book to my three year old and it held her attention through the last page.


Close To You From Far Away by Erica Root (new this month!)

Struggling readers will find picture books more interesting but still challenge them with words they might need to sound out.

A granddaughter realizes how she can stay connected while living far from her grandma in this charming picture book! This one was also relatable to our family since both grandmothers live 4 states away. We see them 2-3 times throughout the year, but as the kids get older, it actually seems harder to keep them updated on what's happening day to day. My 8 year old (in the picture) really enjoyed this one and has plans to use the real postcards that were included inside the book.


Truck Tunes: 45 Truck Songs to Sing Aloud Together by Jim Gardner and Rob Gardner (new this month!)

From the creators of the popular Truck Tunes and Twenty Trucks songs comes a bright, fun singalong book celebrating kids' favorite trucks! Real pictures of real diggers and trucks will keep construction-obsessed kiddos engaged. The only negative is there's only words, no music. So I wasn't exactly sure how to sing these to my toddler. However, if you can't carry a tune, then this book is definitely for you, because your kids won't know the difference.


Head to Hachett's sub-group, Running Press Kids to purchase these books (and more!) directly from their site. Plus Save 20% and free shipping on $45+ with code MOM23!

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