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MMB’s Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift guide graphic

Christmas is in two and a half weeks, and if you're anything like me, you're frantically shopping. But have no fear! We're here to give you the skinny on all the fun stuff this season, so you can give the perfect gift! Click the category you're looking for! 




Middle School

High School

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Fisher-Price Roller Blocks Tumbling' Zebra

  • Drop the roller blocks through the opening to make the zebra’s hands wave up and down! My kiddo was OBSESSED with this thing.

Water Mat

  • This is great for tummy time, or it can be used in a high chair. Fill with water and watch them laugh!

Mula Stack and Nest Cups

  • Stack, sort, build, or demolish! These are designed for rough play, so don't be afraid to let your baby chew or throw them!

Busy Box

  • The lever, beeper, key, and switches are designed for little fingers to slide, pull, push, twist, and press in order to make the animals POP! These are a fun gift that lasts into the toddler years AND help develop fine motor skills.

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Green Toys

  • We love the whole line of Green Toys! Well built, colorful, and perfect for imaginative play, you can't go wrong! PLUS, they're made in the USA of recycled materials!

Dress Up Toys

  • Perfect for both girls AND boys, dress up clothes spark imagination and creativity. From firemen to princesses, your kiddo will love to pretend play!

Space Kit

  • The space kit is packed to the brim with astronauts, stars, meteoroids, aliens, space ships, planets, scented Milky Way dough, and so much more!

Play Tunnel

  • It’s such an adventure to hide inside the tunnel and to discover what awaits you on the other side. You can crawl through it much faster than mom or dad – they always get stuck somewhere in the middle.

Indoor/Outdoor Play Slide

  • This gift promotes fitness, balance, and coordination. But honestly, my kids would climb up and slide down over and over again forever. So fun!

elementary gift ideas

elementary school gifts collage oneelementary school gifts two

Kiwi Crate

  • These are the coolest science and art kits. You pick the complexity and the type, and they get delivered monthly.

Bey Blades

  • I don't really understand these; they're the pogs of their generation. But my kids are obsessed. Apparently they explode when they crash into each other!

Friendship Bracelet Sets

  • My kids love to craft and create things. But I am the least crafty person in the world. So kits like this are super helpful. Plus, they get to give bracelets to their friends!

Anything Pokemon

  • My kid doesn't like to PLAY Pokemon as much as he likes talking about all of them, and their evolutions. There are even books based on the show. I'll encourage reading any way I can!

Magazine Subscriptions

  • Speaking of reading, magazines as gifts are a great way to get your kids reading all year long! If they're anything like mine, they love to get mail with their name on it! With Ranger Rick, Bravery Magazine, National Geographic Kids, etc. (there's even a Lego magazine!) you can find something for every interest.


  • Toys with layers to unwrap are all the rage, and this one is super cute! With 10 layers to hatch and discover, it will keep your kids entertained for at least ten minutes. They're almost sold out on Amazon!

Board Games

  • From classics like Sorry, Battleship, and Guess Who to more modern games like Catan Junior and Pie in the Face, board games make the best gifts because they are the toy that keeps on giving. 

Art Pencil Case

  • This case comes in a bunch of different colors and patterns and can hold SO MANY pencils or pens. Perfect for your budding artist! **Note, this one does not come with the pencils.

middle school gift ideas graphic

middle school collage middle school collage

Scrunchies and Headbands

  • Trendy scrunchies and headbands are all the rage. Get a velvet, animal print scrunchie for extra cool, bonus points!

Nintendo Switch + Games

  • Let's be honest. All the kids want the Nintendo Switch this year. And have you seen that new Zelda game? Even I want to play it!

Lip Gloss

  • Not quite "real" makeup, but definitely a step up from Lip Smackers is lip gloss. I like the linked set's fun scents! Or get one with a nice tint!

Sports Equipment

  • Basketballs, soccer balls, shoes, etc. You know your kid wants the latest, greatest ones.

Cosmetic Bag

  • Even if your daughter isn't into makeup, all girls need a place to put THEIR stuff (tampons, pens, nail polish, etc.). Plus, this one is REALLY CUTE!

Simon Air

  • A fun twist on a classic game, this modern version of Simon looks so fun! Even your tween will be into it (make sure you watch the video)!

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