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{MMB Thankful Series} :: I Love My Smartphone

As a mom, I am thankful for my smartphone. I know, I know, it is so not PC to admit that my phone is a critical part of my parenting, but truth be told, it is, and here’s why.

  1. It has a built-in camera in it, and a pretty dang good one at that. In fact, there have been times that my ol' Samsung Galaxy has snapped pictures with better light and less pixilation than my trusty SLR. I know! I was shocked too! If I always have my phone with me, and I do, then I always have a camera on hand, meaning I rarely (okay, never) miss a moment and have to beat myself up over it later.  I am able to easily whip my little smartphone out of the pocket of my jeans, purse, or bag and capture that rare hug between my kids or that perfectly adorable Cheeto smile that they’ll soon wipe away. For these moments and the ability to capture them, l am thankful.

    Gray sharing his donut with Hayes. It's never happened before (or since)! I was so glad I brought my phone on that bike ride to the donut truck!
    Gray sharing his donut with Hayes. It's never happened before (or since)! I was so glad I brought my phone on that bike ride to the donut truck!
  2. My smartphone helps me stay in touch with the world, and by world, I mean my people. Sometimes it feels really lonely being a mom, especially when you stay at home with your kids.  Having the ability to reconnect with an old friend on Facebook, send my mom a quick text, or share a video with my husband all with the touch of a button makes me feel like I’m not at this all by myself, all the time. So yes, I’m that mom at the children’s museum who, while her kids happily play ten feet away, is smiling at her phone. For one fleeting moment, I am able to sneak a glance and remind myself that I’m not alone. For this brief, albeit life-saving sanity, I am so very thankful.

    My Cozi Calendar App that my husband and I swear by. If it's not on Cozi, it's not happening!
    My Cozi Calendar App that my husband and I swear by. If it's not on Cozi, it's not happening!
  3. Having a smartphone keeps me, and everyone else in my family, on track. Between soccer games, cheer practice, dance class, bible study sessions, PTA meetings, and tennis matches (not to mention my part-time job!), it’s tough to keep everything straight. Is tonight the night I bring snacks for the team or is it next week? Is tomorrow a free dress day at school or is that another day this week? My phone contains all the necessary nuggets of information that keep this family showing up at the right place, at the right time, with the right things, and for that we are all thankful.
  4. Enough said, right? My smartphone has oodles of apps. Apps to keep me from sending them to school in shorts when it’s 37 degrees outside (because in my defense, it truly was 85 degrees yesterday!); apps to entertain the kids so we can have at least one solitary adult conversation over dinner with friends; apps to buy a birthday gift for that party this weekend that I nearly forgot about (is Amazon Prime and it’s 2-day free shipping a lifesaver or what?); and for crying out loud, there is even an app that simulates white noise so that my husband and I my kids, who’ve become dangerously addicted to this odd vice, can actually sleep in a hotel room. For all these apps and others, I am eternally grateful.
  5. Lastly, my smartphone has a handy little toolbox with tools that are supremely helpful throughout my day. Tools like calculators so you can sufficiently tip the poor waitress who just cleaned up your child’s muffin crumbs now glued to the table by dried apple juice, flashlights to help you find the ridiculously small Lego piece that fell between the seats of your car, alarm clocks (Ha! Who needs those when your kids wake you up when it’s still dark outside?) and memos to keep up with your never-ending grocery list.

So for these reasons and so many more, I am thankful for my smartphone. Because truly, it’s about the only thing that makes me feel smart some days.


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