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Meet the New Owners

There are times in life when we find ourselves seeking out new and exciting opportunities, and there are other times when those same type of opportunities seem to fall into our laps and come together when we least expect it.  This is exactly what happened with our recent purchase of the Memphis Moms Blog.  When we heard it was for sale, the three of us began talking, brainstorming, and dreaming.  It didn’t take long for us to know that we could not pass up the chance in making our ideas and our dreams become a reality.  We feel so honored and privileged to have this unique opportunity to bring moms together in our community.  Our vision heading into 2018 is to create ways to help connect ALL moms from all walks of life and to be a catalyst of healing and unity in the city of Memphis!

Two of us are transplants to Memphis. Erika is originally from Boston and has lived in the Memphis area for 7 years.  Lori and her husband moved here 8 years ago from Pittsburgh. While Crady was born and raised a Memphian, she recently moved back after being away for more than a decade.  Despite our different situations, we each shared the same fears and anxieties when moving here: that we wouldn't fit in or connect with the community in a way that we did where we grew up.  Thankfully, our fears were in vain. We each have been blessed over and over again by amazing people who have come into our lives here in Memphis.  We know what it's like to feel that worry of being alone or not being connected with others, which is one of the many reasons we are so excited about The Memphis Moms Blog.  No mom should ever have to feel alone in their own community.  We are grateful to have a platform where we get to reach out, support, and unite one another in this awesome, yet super challenging, journey we call motherhood!  

We're so thankful for the incredible foundation that was created. Through fun events, community Facebook groups, and an awesome staff of writers, we are excited to see The Memphis Moms blog continue to grow.  We look forward to meeting YOU and the many, many moms of this beautiful city!

-Crady, Erika, and Lori




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