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Introducing Kristin Funston


I don’t often get to sit down and think about where I’ve been. Heck, I don’t often get to think at all. Parenting Littles doesn’t allow for much mind-wandering, just a perpetual state of survival mode. But I’ve been given permission to, so here we go…

If I was to sum myself into one word, it would be "hodgepodge." I’m a lot Southern, a little bit Southwestern. I’m a lot of stay-at-home mom, a little bit of working mom. I’m a lot of shallow, a little bit of depth. How about we break this this story up into sections, whadayasay?

The Early Years
Ask me where I’m from and I’ll tell you small-town Kentucky. My mom and her side of the family still reside there. I fully embrace the Bluegrass State as my own, even though I haven’t actually has an address there since 1996. Though the truth is, I’m “from” everywhere. My military father moved us around six (seven? eight?) times before I hit the age of fifteen, mainly sticking with southern locations.

Turning Points
I met the funniest person I know while attending New Mexico State University. Bryant played basketball and I was a cheerleader - so clearly, we were meant to be together. (This is the point we can smirk at all the stereotypes.) We were married on a Colorado mountain top the summer of 2006. (Seriously -
on a mountain top. That wasn’t just an attempt to be cheesy and romantic. But I’ll take it. *wink*). Since that day, I became known as KFun to most everybody. (Thanks husby, for the super FUN last name.)

A year into marriage, I moved us back to the South (hallelujah!) for my job with Universal Cheerleader’s Association (UCA), based here in Memphis. Our first daughter, McKenna, joined us in 2009, our second, Meda, in 2013, and our third, Rockie May, will be here by December 2015. As most kids do - these little people of mine keep me humble, yet make me better every day.

I left working for UCA full-time in 2013, and now chase kids and four (four!) dogs full-time. In my spare time, I write articles and assist in editing American Cheerleader Magazine and judge cheerleading competitions across the country. (Those cheerleading competitions on ESPN your TV remote scrolls past every year? I’m sitting somewhere in the dark behind the cameras judging those too.) I’m involved with an inner-city music program based in North Memphis called Angel Street, and write for and lead moms community groups at my second home, Hope Church. Oh yeah, I’m also working on publishing my first book and post blogs at my own spot,

Like I said - hodgepodge.

One thing you’ll come to know about me - I’m a Type A, trying her hardest to be a Type C, landing somewhere around an A- to a B+ most days. Maybe it’s because my life is messy and chaotic that I love all things neat and orderly. They make my heart happy. Which is why I’ve decided to leave you with a list of Fun KFun Facts. Hopefully they’ll give you a little more insight into the randomness that is me.

1. I love and am an avid over-user of the smiley-face emoticon, exclamation point and parenthesis. (Because who doesn’t love side-thoughts?) #hashtagallthehashtags 😉
2. At 32 years old, I have an almost completely full head of gray hair. It totally sucks.
3. The end of my nose is super squishy. I have friends (and a husband) who will squish it, just to feel its squishiness. And then they laugh. #truestory
4. I love to sing. Let me repeat, L-O-V-E to sing. Though I have a massive case of stage fright (except while rolling in the minivan with my kids listening to Frozen, because DISNEY. Duh. #iamsocool #not). So I stick to occasionally helping my musician friends when they’re desperate in need of back-up vocals.
5. I changed my name in 8th grade when I changed schools after moving to Georgia. The dumbest thing I've ever done, because I never knew when the teacher was calling on me. Thank God we moved again and I was able to turn myself back into Kristin.
6. I can chug a beer faster than my husband. (He’s going to be mad I outed him like that all over the inter-webs.)
7. Math was my best subject in kindergarten, then never progressed past that.
8. At one point in college, I was the only female living with five males. I get anxiety thinking back on it.
9. About 95% of people I meet tell me I remind them of somebody. I must have a familiar face.
10. I love Jesus more than anything and strive daily to make Him proud.


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