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Stocking stuffers have always been a huge undertaking for me. I know, I know. It really shouldn’t be that difficult. But I grew up in a household that didn’t have stockings. In fact, I didn’t realize that people actually had stockings until I was in college. That’s when my peers relentlessly teased me informed me of their importance. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

So what’s a mom to do? Candy really has no place in our house. I mean, it definitely has a presence at our house, but every time I give it to my son I immediately regret my decision. We can also only handle so many more tiny plastic toys before the area under our couch gets completely crammed with them and then I’m forced to move it and *shudder* actually clean under there.

When it comes to teaching our son about the meaning and reason behind Christmas, we’ve decided that the month of December alone is not enough. I love teaching our son about the Reason for the Season, and giving him something beautiful to help him learn. Accrewed Design is an Etsy shop, owned right here in Memphis, that designs these beautiful scripture cards that I just love. There are 52 in a set, which is perfect for us: one for every week of the year!

I love the idea of these cards, not just for kids, but for friends and family as well. These beautifully designed cards can also be individually framed and displayed throughout your home or given as a gift—one of my favorite ideas! Choose several verses that really speak to you and your family, and frame them for a sweet piece of art to keep on your desk, your mantle, or anywhere it can remind you and lift you up during your day.

Order your cards here! These cards have been designed and created, so they're ready to go right away--no waiting! And, because Accrewed Design is a local shop, items are available for pickup as well as standard delivery!



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