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How Scrunchies Saved My Life
Serious question: What do you feel like you really deserve?
I felt like for the longest I deserved freedom, but was scared of the work it would take.
I held on to unforgiveness for the longest time, and I knew I wanted to be free, but I didn’t know how to be free.
I struggled with rage, too. Being physically and verbally abused as a child I am sure played a huge role in why I struggled (and still do struggle) with letting things go -- especially when I feel wronged.
While a freshman in college, I started to see my rage unfold, domestic violence lead to depression, which then led to poor performance on the basketball court. This then contributed to lots of drinking, failing grades, and poor decisions.

Now, I want to tell you how scrunchies saved my life!

Scrunchies Saved my Life

You may be wondering what the scrunchies on my wrist have to do with this all so keep reading...

I love scrunchies.

Not because I have enough hair to use them yet (shoutout to @betterlength for giving me the length a sista needs!) but because they helped me through an extremely hard time in my life. I struggled with rage horribly! Anything would easily trigger me. Anything would offend me if I felt like you were disrespecting me. Rage was even more prevelant when I was struggling with postpartum depression.

Enter: Dollar Store scrunchies!

I found this technique in a blog somewhere where you place 6 scrunchies on your wrist. You set a goal for yourself and the scrunchies help you meet that daily goal. For example, my rage came with outbursts of anger and a plethora of other things. So I would put on 6 scrunchies every morning and every time I yelled, talked bad about my husband under my breath, talked about myself, punched a wall, yelled at my daughter, etc. I’d have to take a scrunchie off. This helped me take A LOT of thoughts captive and really watch my words and choose better responses to certain tiggers and show me what my triggers were. Some days were so defeating because by 10 in the morning ALL of my scrunchies would be GONE! Can you say depressing? There's also this that involves tapping!

Now, fast forward a year, and I don’t even need them. Now I just wear them for the fun of it! Do I still struggle with anger? Yes, absolutely. But I am so much more aware of my words, thoughts, and actions.

Scrunchies Saved My Life
scrunchies that saved my life

The freedom I talked about above that I didn’t think I deserved? Well I got it. And you can have it too! This Scrunchie Technique can be applied to food, body shaming, or any goal you want to reach.

A few things you could use this Scrunchie Technique for:

  1. Managing anger.
  2. Managing how many times you pick up your phone. (I know I am not ready for this one)
  3. Manage social media intake.
  4. Challenging yourself to drink a glass of water an hour.
  5. Speaking positive thoughts. Move a scrunchie every time you say something to someone (kid, friends, spouse) that's uplifting and encouraging.

What do you need to work on?

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