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Hello, Ashley Ann here!

Hey y’all, Ashley Ann here. Named after a Soap Opera star, be jealous. So, can you guess where I’m from?! Yes ma’am, the great state of Texas. Although, technically, I was born in Louisiana. My parents saved us from that black hole when I was a nose-picking kindergartner. Like our fearless leader and wine connoisseur Lindsay, I spent my school years outside of Austin, Texas in Cedar Park.

(Made this sweet lady a mom back in '83)

I was your typical kid. Loved White Rain hairspray, K-Swiss shoes, and pretending I was cool, even though I slept with headgear a 90210 comforter. Our home was full of estrogen, (I have three younger sisters) so our father spent a lot of time in the garage, “working on things.” Middle school welcomed more dental work, cheerleading, and no chest. High school welcomed even more dental work, puberty, dance team, a boyfriend, and the glorious day spent moving out of my parent’s house. Sixteen years later and I still regret that day. #idontwanttoadult

(My mom's a lucky lady)

After graduation, I went off to college, UTSA, and pretended to attend classes for about two weeks. It wasn’t for me. I was too worried about what my high school boyfriend was doing an hour away. I ended up joining the Air Force, where sixteen months later I would be meet the man boy who would become my husband. We were 20 and stupid. And I say that in the nicest, most endearing way possible. Ten weeks later we would be married and pregnant with our first child.

(My boo and me. Neither one of us look like this anymore, but this was the last time we took a professional picture together.)


My husband does not like to communicate. So that’s been fun over the last decade. Seriously it has, he likes everything I do, say, cook, buy…what more could I want. #eyeroll He is a great guy though, I take him for granted sometimes, but less than he does of me. Wow, I really just said that. But honestly, if it wasn’t for me, he would have no clean socks or underwear and be on an all Domino’s and Ramen diet. “Honey, I’m regulating your Sodium intake.”

Over the course of 12 years, bringing us to present day, my husband and I have endured the following:

Welcomed our son and then 21 months later our daughter

Moved from Maryland to North Carolina

Deployed for 2 consecutive years (husband in Iraq, myself in Asia)

Moved to Florida

Welcomed our second son

Found out our daughter has cancer

(Bailey during treatment at St Jude Children's Research Hospital)

Temporarily moved to Memphis and became a part of the St. Jude family

Endured 7 months of separation from my husband and boys

Heard the heartbreaking news that our daughter had relapsed

Endured 6 more months of separation from my husband and boys

Attended the funerals of 3 children in our St. Jude family

Moved to Memphis permanently

Went on Disney Cruise

Enjoyed the Disney Magic a little too much, found out we were expecting boy number 3

Again, heard the heartbreaking news that our daughter had relapsed

Spent weeks inpatient as our daughter underwent a stem cell transplant (while I was 33 weeks pregnant)

Welcomed our third son

Embraced the last 15 months of our daughter being cancer free

(Bailey now, 1 year in remission)

Enrolled in college to finish the last year to earn my B.S.

Decided life was too easy with 4 kids, got a Husky

(My "animals"...Jaymes, Mason, Bailey, & Davis)

(My actual animal... Jude the Husky Pup)

Refill Xanax prescription every 30 days, 28 if I’m lucky

Welcomed the opportunity to blog here 🙂

A few weird things about me:

*I love fresh vacuum lines on the carpet. Sometimes I just sit and admire their beauty.

*I love ice. All the ice. Sonic ice, Pyro’s Pizza ice, the Gas Station at Poplar and Forrest Hill Irene ice...

*I believe that Coke from the can tastes different from the fountain and the bottle.

*Reese's Cups in the regular 2 pack, they taste different from the minis or king size pack.

*My ninja skills are so on-point that I can catch baby spit up, before dad even notices.

*Orange Theory Fitness because I am an exercise quitter.

Okay, so hopefully you are still reading and excited to hear more. I sure am! Thank you for reading and have a great day my friends!




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