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Groundhog Day : The Best Day of the Year

Friends, things are about to get nerdy and weird over here. Have you ever gotten crazy over celebrating Groundhog Day? No? So, I am the only one? You have no idea what kind of party you're missing. Groundhog Day happens to be my very favorite day of the year. I love that little Punxsatawney Phil. I get up early every single year to see what that seer-seeing rodent has to tell us. I always hope it will be the good news that winter is over and the miserable, cold temperatures are going to be behind us.

Why would one get so excited about such a strange holiday that probably floats by without much of a notice from the normal moms here in Memphis? I'm glad you asked. I share my birthday with that Punxsatawney Phil's day, and it has always been the coolest holiday out there for me. Now that I have children who are getting old enough to get it and not think I am a complete dork yet, I am looking forward to sharing in the traditions with them.

If you haven't paid much attention to this Phil character I keep talking about, you might not realize that this year (2016) is the 130th anniversary of this wonderful celebration. Yes, for 130 years, we have been relying on Phil the groundhog to tell us what the rest of our winters look like. Every year, I am hopeful that his shadow will be unseen and that winter will official end. I hate the cold which is really unfortunate for a girl born in the dead of winter and most all of the February 2 days I can remember are brutally wintry. The forecast in Memphis this year is calling for an unseasonably warm day and severe storms. I think this is a new one for me considering my mother reminded me today that I was born during a blizzard and the only reason I have a February 2 birthday is because the surgeon was stuck in the big city and couldn't get to her until very late (sorry about that mom!). So, whether it's cold or stormy today, here are some ideas about how to have fun on Groundhog Day.

  1. Join the Groundhog Club. It's true and it exists. For $15, you can be a part of the Punxatawney Groundhog Club. Let me tell you, there is quite a party over there in Pennsylvania, and this Groundhog Day obssesed nerd has a trip on her bucket list to make it there one day, but in the mean time, I will vicariously through the "Club". Also, if you know someone who has a Groundhog Day birthday, there is also a birthday club which is a great gift idea for that Groundhog Day birthday. Additionally, a Junior Groundhog membership exists for those enthusiasts under twelve.
  2. Sing the Groundhog Song. I can't get enough of this.
  3. Make Groundhog Day Crafts. I have created a Groundhog Day Pinterest board full of ideas for a big February 2 with your littles.
  4. Groundhog Day (the movie). After the kids go to bed or maybe at nap time, please, PLEASE check out "Groundhog Day." My mama took me to see this when it came out in 1993 and it is probably my favorite comedy of all time. Bill Murray and Punxsatawney Phil - need I say more?

Happy Groundhog Day!



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