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Friday Faves
Friday Favorites by Jeanie

Friday Faves

Anyone who knows me KNOWS that I have things I love-


-and those things that I love make me oh so happy!

Here's what makes my pandemic life awesome right now. I'd love to hear about what you love, too!

  • Madison Reed hair color. Let's have a moment for Pandemic Hair, mamas. Although I have several friends with GORGEOUS gray hair that inspires true hair envy, my wiry grays are not as lovely. Or cooperative. Like other things my friend can pull off that I cannot (here's looking at you, bangs), this was not a great look for me. In an effort to save money and my dignity, I ordered from Madison Reed. The process was simple, and it worked to fully cover ALL of my grays. There was even a little quiz to help me figure out the right color, and it has a "virtual hair color makeover tool" feature that is freakishly accurate. I will not go back, I love it so much - also, my wallet loves the savings.

mr hair

  • Finishing Hair Stick (from Amazon). Oh my gosh, I never knew that my frizzy hair was so crazy defying gravity until I saw it on Zoom every day. Apparently Siri noticed too, because the recommendations for this product flew in (, thanks algorithms?). Of course I bought it... and it worked like WOAH. It's basically a mascara wand full of magic that makes gravity-defying hair calm down. I buy multiples at once (and keep it at my desk), because I don't ever want to be without it.

love this finishing hair smoother

  • AllowanceBot chore app. I have tried SO MANY allowance and chore apps that just weren't practical or easy to use. This one is both! I can customize the app for each of my kids, add in chores, specify when they need to be done, AND add/deduct money as my kids need it. There are no wacky additional fees, which some apps require. I can let the kids work from it, as well. It has made my life so much easier, because the chores are clear. Paying the kids is easy. You can add in the "Premium" feature that adds more options, but frankly, we have not needed it. All the praise hands to this handy little app!


  • The Light Blonde tees. Is it possible to NOT look frumpy while being uber comfortable? Mamas, the answer is YES. I've been loving the Instagram feed from The Light Blonde, which makes spunky faith-based tops, and I finally took the plunge when they had a sale recently. I'm now a big-time fan. Oh my word, these are the softest, most comfortable tops I own! I pretty much live in them right now, and my daughters try to "borrow" them all the time. Hey, if the young ones try to snag them from me, I figure my Pandemic Fashion Game is definitely getting stronger. I'll take it! #winning #motherhood

love these tab shirts

  • NutriBullet. You know that you're next level #adulting when you have a favorite  kitchen appliance (cough cough, hi). The Nutri Bullet is IT for both my husband and me - we use this thing every single day. We had to buy extra cups, because we use it so much. It is super easy to clean, quick to use for smoothies, AND the kids can use it without losing a finger. While it does have a baby food-making counterpart (Baby Bullet), we've found this just fine to mash up food for our little one. BONUS: I feel like Mom of the Year when I can sneak greens into my children's smoothies with this thing.


  • Baby Brezza. I love my Keurig, and this was a no-brainer for me when baby #4 joined our family. It has been a total life saver for us, especially for those middle of the night feedings that have started once again (hello, TEETHING). Just add formula and water every so often, and let the magic happen. At the press of a button, the formula is dispensed to the size you choose, and it is mixed/warmed right up for baby. My kids can use it easily to make baby a bottle, which is really helpful! ** I know what you're thinking: This thing is expensive. You're not wrong there. I stacked gift cards like a pro and don't regret a thing. Just trust me on this one.

I love my brezza

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