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Friday Faves
Friday Favorites by Crady

Friday Faves

It's Good Friday! Easter is upon us, spring is in the air, and I'm hopeful the rest of 2021 will be less insane than the first few months.

That being said, I've got a fun list of 5 of my current favorite things. From the best leggings ever to my current favorite television show, there's something for everyone. And I hope a few of my favorites become your new favorites!

Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso is my new favorite show

This show, currently streaming on AppleTV and already renewed for 2 more seasons, is my new favorite show. It brims with joy and optimism. It's seriously one of the most refreshing things I've seen this year, and just what I needed to watch after this last year. It's silly premise and filled with silly characters that quickly grow on you. Check it out; I promise you won't be disappointed.

Quip Toothbrush

quip toothbrush

I just got this new favorite toothbrush a few days ago after a friend recommended it to me. And my teeth have never felt so clean and shiny. I will warn you that it sounds EXACTLY like a vibrator (so much so that my husband was genuinely confused the first time I used it). When you push the "Q" to turn it on, it stays on for 2 minutes, giving you helpful pauses every 30 seconds to let you know how much time has passed. If you do the automatic refills, they send you a new head and a new battery for $5 every three months. Shipping is free. And no, this isn't sponsored, I just think it's cool.


the best leggings

These are the BEST leggings in the entire world. I recommend them to everyone. They're soft. The waistband is thick but still forgiving. There are TWO pockets. They come in every color you can think of plus a bunch of patterns. They're decently priced. Plus they're on Amazon. What more could you want?

Tinted Sunscreen

favorite tinted sunscreen

I was talking to a friend about how, since Covid, all I ever wear is BB Cream and I was worried that with the summer coming I wasn't going to have enough SPF protection on my face. Normally, I wear a makeup primer with SPF, makeup with SPF, and face sunscreen. But since I don't actually go anywhere anymore, all that's out. She told me about tinted sunscreen. It's basically BB Cream but sunscreen. I did a quick Google search, read a couple of articles about the best one for normal skin, and landed on this one. It's great. Lightweight, not greasy, and the tint goes with just about all skin colors (no really, they only have one). Summer, here I come!

Stroller Barre

new favorite: stroller barre

I've been doing Fit4Mom for a couple of years now. But I've only recently realized that my thigh muscles are ridiculously weak. I could do sit ups all day, but couldn't sit in a squat for more than a few seconds. Enter Stroller Barre. It's my new favorite class, and it's been really pushing me to strengthen those muscles. And when you're carrying kids and all their stuff around, having strong booty and thigh muscles is necessary. If you want to check it out, your first class with them is free. And, once again, not sponsored, just genuinely like this class.


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