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halloween decorate by the kids
Don’t be Scared! Let your Kids Decorate for Halloween!

YAY! It’s time to decorate again! It has been a tradition of mine since purchasing my first home in 2014 that my family and I decorate for all the major holidays -- but Halloween is our all time favorite! We hang our spiders, skeletons, and goblins. Spiderwebs take over the ceilings. For someone terrified of heights, I even pull out the ladder to reach high places. We have Bigfoot foot prints coming down the hallway. Witches, ghosts, and scary pumpkins creep into every crevice. You name it, we’ve got it. 

let your kids decorate

But the best thing about our décor ? It's practically all homemade (with a little bit of Dollar Tree thrown in!).

Yep! You read that right --- hand made by my kids! You won't find any cute things from Pottery Barn or the bougie Target. I don't own any porcelain pumpkins or expensive blow up lawn decorations. But my house is still decorated to the hilt, and I love it. And what's more important is the kids love it. I give them the tools, and set them free to create. 

decorate with Frankenstein

It’s a fun family time and the kids can literally hang décor wherever they want in the house: bathroom, dog crate, fire place -- no room or area is off limits. On every door is décor. My bedroom door is the best; it’s a poster of a cemetery with red letters that bleed “Do Not Enter!” (#momtruth -- I’ve kept that up well past Halloween a time or two!).

To decorate your house inside like mine, all you need is:

  • a roll of white paper, poster board, or construction paper
  • markers, crayons or paint
  • tape
  • any art supplies or old household odds & ends lying around 
  • an afternoon free to get creative

And it's not just inside that I let my kids loose to do as they please. Outside they turn our bushes into ghosts. They use old white sheets and draw in the faces with a permanent marker. Neighbors always comment on them, which makes my kids' hearts so happy!

We love Halloween. We love getting dressed up then trick or treating.

But what we love the most is creating our own decorations each year! (We can't wait!)

Maybe the next holiday you'll let your kids decorate with their own art work. It's not as scary to let them have free reign as you might think!

DIY tombstone decorate


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