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BOOT CAMP: It’s not what you think!

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I’ve long admired women who are able to get up super early and get their exercise routines out of the way before starting their day, and I’ve always wanted to be a part of that. While I loved the “thought” of exercising early in the morning, executing the thought was something entirely different.

Until this past Monday. At 5:30 a.m., I found myself high-stepping along with approximately 20 other women at Burn Boot Camp in Collierville.

Burn Boot Camp is a high-intensity workout designed to maximize results in just 45 minutes. Catered to busy moms, or just about anyone with little time for exercise, Burn Boot Camp offers several classes throughout the week — with the added bonus of free childcare.

My Burn Boot Camp Experience

But back to my experience. The process of getting started on Monday was truly a case of “me against myself.” My bed was SUPER comfortable when the 4 a.m. alarm went off. Once I arrived at Burn Boot Camp, however, I didn’t regret my decision to leave that comfy bed one bit.

Andrea Larkins, our trainer, got us started right away. We stepped in place while she explained what was about to take place and how the exercises are performed and timed. Participants never feel lost because she pairs the women up, creating mini cheerleading squads that high-five you, encourage you, and show you the moves again if you’re new. As part of your squad does one set of exercises, the other part is completing a different set; then you switch. It was a really fun and easy way to exercise!

Burn Boot Camp also offers free childcare at various times throughout your day! Don't worry -- child care workers receive background checks! (Also moms may want to inquire about summer camp! New this year, kid camps will be offered for a 6 week block for ages 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12! Click HERE to register.)

Here's why I loved Burn Boot Camp:

-There's over 40 camps per week. Membership includes unlimited camps, no scheduling ahead necessary. This also means no more excuses!

-Unlimited focus meetings. This means a 1:1 meeting with a personal trainer -- body comp analysis, nutritional counseling, and most importantly, accountability!

-Access to all locations across the country (Over 100 open locations and 2 more coming soon to Memphis!) Again, I'm feeling an overwhelming message of no more excuses!

-All workouts can be modified to fit any fitness level. This was important for me to know, because while it's easy for me to "get back in the saddle" of working out, it can be intimidating for those new to the gym environment. I was confident I could invite any friend to join me the next class, regardless of their fitness level!

-Never the same workout. EVER! Again, this was key for me. I burn out or become lazy about working out if I get bored or feel unchallenged. With a variety of cardio and toning moves, there's always going to be a class (and a group of strong, committed women!) motivating me to return again and again!

I loved Burn Boot Camp so much, I went back to my co-owners and excitedly announced, "We're going to do a Brunch and Burn Fitness Series! Burn Boot Camp is going to launch it!" And this is exactly what we did!

Next Saturday, May 26 at 10:30am, join owner and head trainer, Andrea, for a boot camp class, followed by a brunch and nutrition talk! Let MMB help kick-start your own fitness journey this summer! 

BUY TICKETS HERE series (4 classes) $20  |  $7 per class at the door

Meet Andrea: Head Trainer

"I’ve always been excited about health and fitness. I did gymnastics, played softball, and was a competitive cheerleader. I cheered throughout college, where I majored in Health Science. As a high level athlete (4 national titles + 1 world title), I understand the importance of taking care of my body, and I’ve always been surrounded by like-minded individuals"

Although Andrea does not yet have kids, most of her best friends do, and it seems like there is a constant feeling of wanting to get their bodies back, on top of just feeling like they are trying to juggle a million things. Andrea says, "It’s like they have this mom guilt for even thinking about putting themselves first!"

What she loves about Burn Boot Camp is that it gets moms (and non-moms) to remember that in order to give their best, they have to be their best! Andrea's mom has even started working out and eating healthy; she is much more confident and no longer complains about how she looks. Andrea tell us, "my mom now celebrates successes, like being able to do consistent jump ropes or lift certain weights. It’s just so exciting to watch people make the mental transformation. It’s even better when they realize that the mental transformation dictates the physical transformation."

"I think it’s such a unique package that we are bringing to Memphis, and I truly don’t think that there is anything like it!"

Burn Boot Camp
956 East Winchester Road, Collierville



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