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Originally from a small town in Middle America, Mary moved to Denver, CO on a whim after attending the University of Iowa. It turned out to be the best move she has made as it was here she met the man of her dreams, Aaron. Shortly after they got married, Aaron accepted a job offer that brought them to Memphis. The wife of a pilot and mommy to two little ones just fourteen and a half months apart, Josephine (Joey), born November 2012 and Ari (Danger), born January 2014, Mary finds herself exploring (usually un-showered and a little disheveled) all that the city of Memphis has to offer with her wee ones. A resident of Memphis, Mary likes to write, cook, eat, drink wine, read, and look for the end of the Internet in her spare time, which doesn’t really exist.

The Importance of a Sibling
In May of 1982, I became a big sister at the ripe old age of one. Sarah Elizabeth came into my life and, considering my age, she had always just been there as far as I can remember. We were just fourteen-and-a-half months apart and did most everything together. She looked nothing like me --light […]
Don’t Travel with Kids, But if You Do…
When it comes to traveling with kids, the first piece of advice I am giving you is simple: don't. Anywhere. In a car, in a plane, on a bus... Just don't do it. Stay home. Thanks for reading! But really... The reality is, you have to travel with kids or you will become a hermit […]
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The Traveling Spouse Blues
If there is one thing Memphis does well, it’s the blues. I love wandering in and out of the music joints on Beale Street and hearing those blues guitars and singers do their thing. If you listen closely while reading this, you will hear those blues guitars in the background while I share my own […]
Groundhog Day : The Best Day of the Year
Friends, things are about to get nerdy and weird over here. Have you ever gotten crazy over celebrating Groundhog Day? No? So, I am the only one? You have no idea what kind of party you're missing. Groundhog Day happens to be my very favorite day of the year. I love that little Punxsatawney Phil. […]
Colorado Green Chili
My husband is a native Coloradoan. I spent eight wonderful years in the Denver area. While we love living in Memphis, we agree that there are many things we miss: Family, friends, the Rocky Mountains (oh, the Rocky Mountains...), snow (but to be clear, I DO NOT miss the snow), and the incredible and unparalleled […]


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