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amplified meal prep
Amplified Meal Prep : Meals Made Easy for Moms

Know what moms hate? Making dinner.

Meal planning for the week on Saturday? Easy.
Grocery Shopping on Sunday? Easy.
Actually cooking Monday through Thursday? Hard. So, so hard. (And let's all admit right now that Friday is pizza night!) .... so yeah.joke

What's an adult to do? Find an adultier adult? I mean, where's grandma when you need her?!

Because let's admit -- we're all here a little too often:

jokeEnter Amplified Meal Prep: they take the burden of shopping, cooking, and portioning meals off of their clients, allowing them to focus on what’s important.

Locally owned, Amplified Meal Prep was launched by Molly & Richard, two local parents who know the importance of eating healthy and making it easy for others to do so as well. Amplified might just be the solution to your what-to-eat-tonight dinner dilemma.

Yummy & Delicious!

So what kind of meals are there to choose from? So glad you asked, because there is something for everyone! Meat, veggies, salads; you name it, they've made it.

Check out their full menu of options here

Food choices all list the amount of calories, protein, carbs, and fat for each serving, making it easy to plan if you are on a restricted diet or just watching what you are eating. This is especially helpful for breastfeeding moms who need extra calories for milk production, but want to consume healthy options. They also provide suggestions for athletes or those training for a special event, where counting calorie intake is important. Or maybe you have a picky eater? Since you can purchase food options and side dishes by the serving, it's a great way to introduce different flavors and textures without wasting a lot of leftover food.

amplified meal prep

Meals Delivered to You!

Amplified delivers to Memphis and surrounding areas, including Germantown, Collierville, Cordova, Bartlett, Arlington, Lakeland, Eads, and Millington. Tennessee deliveries are on Sundays from 12pm through 3pm.

Delivery into Desoto County, MS is also available on Saturdays from 3pm through 6pm.

If you are aren’t sure if we will deliver to you just ask! Email your request to

Or Pick Them Up !

Amplified has a "store front" for fresh pre-made options at 7940 Fischer Steel
Road in Cordova. This is the perfect option if you don't want, or don't need, to pre-order your food or have any special requests.

amplified meal prep
Look at all these amazing options! Image courtesy of Instagram.

Easy as Sunday Morning Monday Night!

Meals are ready to heat and eat. You may choose to eat some of the pasta salads cold or heat them to your liking.  Amplified suggests cracking the container lid to heat meals and microwave 1-2 minutes, stirring halfway through.  Heating times will vary according to meals you choose.

amplified meal prep"We know how hard it can be to try and prepare meals and live a healthy lifestyle while working, parenting, making it to the gym and maintaining relationships. AMP can make eating healthy a reality while saving you tons of time. By letting us do the planning, grocery shopping, prep, portioning then delivering healthy, delicious meals right to your door you can have a little part of your life back." -Molly

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