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A Letter to the Magic Making Mom

Dear Magic Making Mom,

Tis the season to make things magic. I see you, out here on these holiday streets making it happen!

Christmas presents in the foreground with a lit christmas tree in the background, holiday magic at its finest
The decorating.
The classroom parties.
The thank you presents.
The coordinating outfits.
The gifts for everyone (including your in-laws).
The holiday card addressing.
The grocery store shopping.
The tablescaping.
The recipe gathering.

And don’t forget the regular life stuff that happens too:

The appointments.
The meetings.
The homework.
The practices.
The concerts & showcases.
The meals.
The bills

You’re the reason why there is magic from November until we ring in 2023. You love the glimmer in their eyes, the squeals of joy, the pitter-patter of little feet around yours as you make the cookies and coveted family recipes. You may be living your best life. You may even love this season. The joy of it all, the audacious hope of the season.

And also – you are a human.

It’s okay if you’re:

Over it.

It’s okay if:

The tree isn’t real.
The presents aren’t wrapped.
The food is catered.
The visits are short.
(Or don’t happen at all).
The projects are half done.
The calls go unanswered.
The TV is on.

"Thank you" spelled out in wooden blocks with a heartThank you. Thank you for being magic makers. But you are more than “just” a magic maker. You are deserving of a pause, a break, a “no”. Might I suggest that the magic is actually you, just being you, being present in the moment? Yes, you in your pjs and two-day unwashed hair, on your 5th cup of coffee. In your running lateness, the store-bought cookies, and unsent cards.

Magicians take days off too, you know, and so can you. So maybe that gift doesn’t need the bow on top, and maybe grandma’s recipe can be made by someone else. Go choose your own “no” adventure, and enjoy your holiday! Everyone will be fine, I promise. They’ll adjust!


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