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A Day in the Life of a Preschooler

Good Morning everyone! My name is Aubriana. I go to the Goddard School and love it so much! Follow along with me on my day, and you’ll see why this is a great place to start your learning journey.

7:45 am drop off 

At the Goddard School Cordova, safety is at the forefront of everything they do. Even driving on the parking lot, they have guardrails to protect the building and the outside play areas. There are cameras that monitor every movement on the exterior of the building. As I enter the building, cameras greet me in the entry where my mom puts her hand on this thing called a biometric hand scanner to get through the second set of security doors. It's super cool!

8:05 am

Because I recognize my numbers and letters, mom lets me check myself in on the iPads in the lobby area. I feel like such a big girl when I do this.

Memphis Moms Blog Goddard School

Ms. Sandy is my preschool teacher. She greets me with a big booming, “Good Morning Aubrie!” I run into class to give her a hug. She reminds me to use my walking feet, so I don’t trip and hurt myself or others. 

I find my personal cubby marked with my name. I put away my lunch box and water cup and hang my coat.

Memphis Moms Blog Goddard School

8:10 am Open Center Time

Ms. Sandy has several centers set up for my friends and I to choose from. I really like playing in the kitchen, so I go over to the dramatic play area where I have dress up clothes, a stove, dishes, pretend food, and many toys to play with in the mornings. My friend Alexandrea is building a castle in the nearby block center.

Memphis Moms Blog Goddard School

8:30 am Morning welcome

Fernando the Frog puppet starts our morning song to greet each other. Then we go over all the safety rules with Ms. Sandy. “Walking feet, gentle hands, listening ears, etc…”  Next, we discuss the word of the week. This week the word is “AWESOME!” Ms. Sandy writes "awesome" on the promethean board. Then we make sentences out of the word.  My sentence is, “Aubriana is awesome!”

Memphis Moms Blog Goddard School

8:45 am Snack time

Ms. Sandy always gives us a healthy snack like fruit, whole grain cereal, or yogurt. Today we are having pineapples and milk, my favorite!

9:00 am Circle Time

I love circle time. First, Ms. Sandy reads us a book. Next, we identify all our letters and their phonetic sounds. We do our letters in sign language.  Ms. Sandy allows us to go up to the color wall and show off our public speaking skills. Ms. Sandy always reminds us that she wants to hear what we all have to say so we must, “Raise our hands to be acknowledged.” We raise our hands, and she recognizes us one at a time. Other times, we count in Spanish or say our days of the week and date of the month. Circle time is so much fun!

Memphis Moms Blog Goddard School

10:00 am

Time to go outside to get the wiggles out. Oh no, it's raining! Luckily, we have an indoor gym where we can go to play. I enjoy climbing the rock wall and playing with the soccer balls, hula hoops, etc. Today we used the parachute! It is so much fun!Memphis Moms Blog Goddard School

10:30 am Yoga time

It’s almost time for math, but first we do yoga. Ms. Sandy uses yoga to calm everyone down before math begins.  This brings everyone back to focus. My favorite pose is child's pose. We use yoga to calm down throughout the day. This gets everyone to quiet down and refocus.

Memphis Moms Blog Goddard School

After a few poses, math begins. First, we practice counting to 10 in Spanish. Then, we learn about classification: small, medium, and large.

11:00 am

Ms. Sandy gives us one on one time to help anyone who may have had trouble during circle time or math lesson. She sits with us in small group to go over any areas we may have struggled with earlier.

Memphis Moms Blog Goddard School

12:00 pm Lunch time

I can always bring leftovers from home if I want because Ms. VeLisa comes by to warm up all the lunches.

After lunch, we clean up and wash hands in our classroom. It is so nice that we have my size potties in our classroom, because it makes it much easier when I have to go really bad.  

Memphis Moms Blog Goddard School

1:00 pm Nap time

Now it's time to rest. We have quiet time. Ms. Sandy puts on music to assure that, after all the excitement of the day, I float off to sleep quickly.

Memphis Moms Blog Goddard School

3:00 pm Afternoon Snack

Wow after a long rest, I wake up ready to eat. Ms. Sandy serves us hummus, pita chips, and apple juice. I love hummus!

3:30 pm STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) experiment

Now it’s time for the STEAM project. 2 weeks ago, we picked a sweet potato from the garden. We measured the potato, and examined its color, shape, and size.  Ms. Sandy asked if we would like to do an experiment by putting a sweet potato in water and placing it in the sun to see if it would sprout.  The class told her yes. 13 days later, we have a rooting system! Hooray!  

4:00 pm Outdoor time

We go outside for fun on the playground. Thank goodness the sun came out. One of the things that I like most is the relays that my classmates and I participate in.  Everything that we do has counting.  Ms. Sandy calls the relays and I sometimes jump the gun when she says 1……2…….3…… go! We are off!  Some of us fall because we run into each other trying to be first, but we laugh really hard and ask if we can do it all over again.     

4:30 pm Evening center time

Ms. Sandy sets up centers for us.  When I do a good job following the rules discussed during morning welcome, Ms. Sandy allows me to use my 10 minutes of screen time playing fun games on the computer. She says they are educational, but to me they are just fun!

5:00 pm Wrap Up

Now, my junior kindergarten friends join us to wait for our parents to come. Ms. Sandy always has fun activities for us to do while we wait. Today, I am re-telling a story using pictures that Ms. Sandy read to us earlier.

5:30  Mom is here!

Are you interested in learning more about The Goddard School? To get a sneak peek of the fun activities that help Goddard School students explore and discover their interests, stop by The Goddard School of Cordova on this Thursday, November 15, from 5:00 PM to 6:30 PM to experience a Day in the Life of a Preschooler! Walk-ins are welcome starting at 10 AM.

For more information or to schedule an individual tour, please visit call 901-708-3338. The Goddard School of Cordova is located at 190 N. Forest Hill Irene Road, Cordova, TN.

Memphis Moms Blog the Goddard School

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